This prayer will change your life's direction forever & prove to be the very best decision you've ever made...It's Happy Days when your sin is washed away and peace floods your heart, your mind clears and the solutions to issues appear supernaturally by the power of God manifesting in Jesus name. Now with your whole heart pray the prayer below...


Heavenly Father,

I'm ready to make real changes. I'm sorry for doing things my way and ignoring you in the process. It was wrong and empty, the uncertainty of the times highlights this. I need more security than this world can give me. I believe you have a better plan and way for my life and I am ready for it. Please forgive me for my sin and ignorant rebellion against you, as I forgive others who have wronged me, leaving You to sort out the mess. Jesus, I believe you died an agonising death on The Cross for my sin and then rose again triumphant from Hell, where I should have gone for my sin, to make available for me The Father's Free Gift of Eternal Life, ensuring upon my death I'll go straight to Heaven . ... Jesus I receive you as my Personal Saviour from the judgement to come. I willingly put my life and circumstances into Your hands by inviting you, Jesus, to come into my heart right now to be born again. I believe I receive your strength, peace and assurance that my life and future is in Your hands and now that You're on my side I will go forward released into a new and bright expectancy for real change today and every day from now on. In Jesus' Name, Amen. (Jhn 3:16, Rms 10;9-10, 1 Jhn 5:11-12)

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