If you’re not satisfied with where you are in life, you needs know you can change it. It begins with changing the way you think. Unless your thinking changes, nothing in your life will change but change your thinking & things begin to change, first in you & then outside of you.

You may have noticed that the things that influence you the most are the things you believe to be true about yourself & your future. Therefore narrowing down what needs change in you is what you believe to be fact. Change what you’re believing & change your life!

How you live & why displays what you believe, not what you know. You can know better but not have the belief in yourself to live it. You’re living with & in what you believe you can have in life now. You can be dissatisfied but remain where you are because you believe that’s your lot in life & huge numbers of people live like that.

If you’ve been told that you’re ugly & useless for instance or that you’ll never amount to anything good in this life, these words pierce your heart & set limitations on your life’s future expectancy. These statements coming from some frustrated, self-opinionated, cynical person are unfounded lies but if you believe the lies, you become imprisoned by them. Most people under a lie’s influence either lay down & become what was said or they fight to prove it wrong by achieving what was said they couldn’t, yet still a prisoner to the lie.


What information you allow to influence your decision process will determine your results – Garbage In – Garbage Results! Want to change things, then what & who you allow to feed you information has to change. Positive, affirming influence needs be chosen to see the changes you want, not derogative undermining influences.

Jesus Christ changes what you believe totally by demonstrating that His Truth is greater than your current facts. He starts with blowing away your limitations stating that “With God, all things are possible & You Can Do All Things in Christ who empowers & enables you.”

Jesus came & set the captives free. To the poor He said you don’t have to be poor any more & showed them how to prosper. To the broken hearted, He healed their wounded souls from all pain & taught them to dream & achieve again. To those who were crushed & blinded by oppression, He liberated & connected them to the joy of salvation.

The moment you realize that what Jesus Christ says to you, He means to do & that what He means to do for you He says, will change your life’s expectations immediately. Why? Jesus states without apology that He loves you, He chose you, He believes in you & that He’ll never leave you, nor leave you without support ever.

The New Testament Bible is Jesus speaking directly & personally to you, His beloved & every promise He gives to you within it, He intends to make good on. Only Believe & You’ll see it in action!

  1. Believe it - Jesus has an awesome plan & destiny for your life & He wants to empower you to capture the joy & excitement of it’s reality. He will give you supernatural dreams & visions to glimpse what’s ahead & then partner you with His love & supernatural power in accomplishing it day by day.

  2. Believe it – with Jesus in your heart & life you’ll enjoy a present supernatural power that’s greater than any circumstance you may ever find yourself confronting & thus overcome it totally in the power of Attorney you have to use His Name.

  3. Believe it – Jesus is a Big God. His plans for you are greater than you could ever imagine. He wants you to live abundantly. To  have His love, peace & joy daily. He’ll teach you to live supernaturally large as a child delighting in the wonder of exploration in a spiritual world without limit.

  4. Believe it – Jesus wants you to have supernaturally more than enough creatively inspired friends, food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, recreation & money.

  5. Believe it – Jesus wants you empowered with His supernatural wisdom, knowledge, understanding, insight, creative ability, favour & communicative skills to handle all the adventures with Him ahead.


Let’s Pray . . . 

Father, in Jesus Name we come into your loving, yet awesome powerful presence & ask that you open our spiritual eyes to see & connect with all you’ve given us life to discover & achieve. Equip us with your glorious power, ability & giftedness for the specific assignments you have for us. Thank you Father for the excitement in our hearts & the fun that it is to be in relationship with you, knowing we can totally trust you to teach us how to flow in the supernatural where we belong.

Heal the wounds in our hearts as you forgive us of our sin we confess, free us from all limitations & fear in our souls produced by lies. We forgive those who have abused us, please forgive & release us from all bondages & addictions as a result of sin, mine & generational in Jesus Name.

Jesus come into my heart & life now, renew my mind, my way of thinking & teach me to think like you, believe like you, be like you. I receive your salvation, forgiveness, the infilling power of your Holy Spirit,  love, peace & joy right now. Thank you Father, I’m saved, my name’s in your Book of Life & when I die I’ll go straight into Heaven, Amen.