Tell people you’ve given your heart to Jesus and been born again. This simple act of obedience activates the spiritual forces of faith, love and hope in Jesus name in your new life and confirms your heart as a child of God, washed in His blood. (Rev 12:11; Rom 10:10, John 3:7, 1John 3:1, 1John 5:11, Romans 8:16, 2Cor 5:17)


2. Find a believing church

… and attend it regularly. When you hear the anointed Word of God taught, you will be able to identify it in your heart as it will feed your spirit, it will drive out fear, you won’t be dismayed any longer and you’ll gain victory over the lack in your life. Peace in the Holy Spirit of God will confirm beyond doubt your spiritual home and settle you there. (Hebrews 10:25, Jeremiah 23:4, Jeremiah 3:15, 1Cor 12:18)


3. Obtain and read your Bible daily

Read a chapter of the Bible each day prayerfully starting with the Gospel of John in the New testament section. By reading your Bible each day, your faith will grow and abound, enabling you to put into action all you learn and see there. (2Tim 3:16,17, Acts 20:32, Luke 4:4, James 1:22)

NEVER FORGET – The two biggest mistakes a Christian can make are: (a) to worry instead of trusting God (1Pet 5:6-7, Phil 4:6-7). (b) Thinking it’s God who is withholding your provision. The thief and liar is Satan (Mark 11:24, Mch 12:29, John 10:10)


4. Pray

Prayer is electrifying; yes exciting and humbling at the same time. Prayer is God’s invitation for you to get to know Him intimately, a time to alleviate your fears and receive His confidence … that He loves and cares for you watchfully and will undertake all your issues! Yes, pray about everything in Jesus Name, just simple, from the heart, prayers. You can trust God. Make an appointment with God for prayer and keep it; God will! (1Pet 3:12, Phil 4:19, John 16:24, Matthew 6:6-8)


5. Become a Soul Winner

The greatest privilege you’ll ever have as Christian is to lead somebody to Jesus as their saviour, to witness Jesus make something beautiful out of their broken life before your very eyes. Jesus would love you to become a soul winner.


Let His Holy Spirit anoint and begin to teach and equip you from this moment on. (Matthew 4:19, Romans 10:8-15, Matthew 10:7-8)


Those who win souls are wise! (Proverbs 11:30)