You’re in trouble & haven’t a clue what to do next. Debt, drugs & relationship is drowning you,  people are chasing you, you’re stressed out, pissed off & about to lose it completely! Your whole life is falling apart, you need help & you need it right now!

YOU NEED A SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION FROM JESUS CHRIST & that’s why you’re here reading this – The Good News Is Yes! – Jesus can & will help you get out of your mess.



  1. Your decisions, no one else’s created this mess.

  2. Your decision process sux!

  3. Don’t Blame Shift – OWN IT!

  4. Presently, without change, You Are Your Worst Enemy!

  5. FACT, nothing’s going to change until you do!

  6. Time to make a Wise Decision.

  7. Give your heart & life to Jesus Christ as Lord now & He’ll instantly change you & move your sorry arse out of your losing lifestyle into His Supernatural Kingdom Realm.

  8. Jesus Christ will supernaturally enter your mess & help you sort it positively.


Pray this prayer below out loud & with whole heart  –  Yes, out loud - God & His Powerful Angels need to hear your free will choice expressed, as well as the devil & his demons! God honours your free will & won’t take any Supernatural Action on your behalf till He has it.



1.Heavenly Father, As things stand I’m screwed, I’ve stuffed everything & I’ve got nowhere else to go. I need your Supernatural Intervention Father, please have mercy on me & grant me rescue, not a band-aid. I give you permission to do whatever is required to get me out of this mess & free from all bondage.

2.Heavenly Father, I receive Jesus Christ, your only begotten Son now as my Lord & Saviour, giving Him permission to enter my life & affairs freely. He died for my sin & went to Hell for me. When the full penalty for my sin was paid, He rose from the dead, giving me the right to say No to the devil & all his stuff controlling my life to date. I choose to forgive & release into your Court, Lord Jesus all those who’ve messed with me, so I can be forgiven & set free from the continuation of the mess myself. Set me free now Jesus from all the repercussions associated with it. I thank you for your Supernatural Intervention, peace, love & joy flowing through me right now as all bondages & claims of the devil fall off me & all my affairs in Jesus Name beginning now, Amen. Thank you Father that my Name is now in your Book Of Life, ensuring that when I’m dead I’ll go straight into Heaven. Praise God forevermore Amen!


Welcome into the Family of The Living God, Jesus Christ!


My Prayer For You –


Heavenly Father, I’m lifting my brother/sister before you as The Eternal Judge of Heaven & Earth & receive by faith your favourable ruling on their behalf in Jesus Name, Amen.  – You’ve heard their heart cry for Mercy & seen their dilemma. I remind you that you’ve said that “ All who call on the Name of the Lord will be saved & That you’ll have Compassion & Mercy on whom you choose & You would that all men be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth.”

I pray that Your Supernatural Intervention be granted & invoked through the Blood of Jesus Christ now into all of their affairs in Jesus Name, Amen.

I bind the devil & all his oppression on them & their affairs, I cut off all his claims of right on them through the blood of Jesus Christ now in Jesus Name. Further I loose & I give charge to all God’s Angels’ Assigned for this purpose to be activated to intervene fully in every area required on their behalf now. Starting with their supernatural protection & favour in Jesus Name, Amen.