Ignorance Keeps Millions In Bondage – Having the right information available to you can change your life dramatically.

UNFORGIVENESS, perhaps justified in your opinion, nevertheless blocks God from healing you. It is the offense against you that has wounded your soul & sickened your body. If you don’t forgive others God can’t forgive or heal you. Ignorance of this will keep you bound in resentment, bitterness, poor health & emotional/mental disorders. Forgive & Be Forgiven!  (Mat 5:25-26; 7:1-5)

Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I shall repay. ( Rom 12:19) You’re not forgiving them for their benefit but rather for yours. Why would you continue to allow what they’ve done to you, to further punish & rob you for years after. Forgive them & be forgiven, assured that what they’ve made happen to you God will make happen to them. (Eph 6:8; Gal6:7)

You also have to forgive yourself & give yourself an opportunity to heal, past failures doesn’t make you a loser, you learnt so much from it, so leave your past behind now & enjoy a new start in the sun. Remember the depth of your pain from your yesterday is only an indication of the enormity of your joy coming into your future. Forgive & healing starts today in Jesus name! You will laugh & love again, you will smell the roses & enjoy life. Forgive Them & Forget It  – Good Choice!


Science today tells us that TRAUMA & the Stress it produces invades the Cellular Memory of our bodies & registers in the Lymph Nodes & Heart which more often than not, leads to cancer or strokes. Trauma opens the door to sickness & disease – in particular insomnia, post-traumatic stress, fibromyalgia, schizophrenia, bipolar & agoraphobia (panic attacks).

Jesus Christ paid the price for all your sickness & infirmities on the cross & by the stripes on His back you were healed. (1Pet2:24; Mth8:17; Isa53:4-5; 3Jhn2)


Let’s Pray Together Out Loud –

Father, I’m wanting to be willing to forgive myself & those who’ve abused me, but I’m really battling with the idea of it, so I’m asking you now to help me make it a reality & not just lip service in Jesus Name, Amen. With God nothing is impossible – Only Believe!


Now lay your hand on your heart & focus on Jesus Christ as I present you to the Father for His mercy & compassion to release His power to heal & restore peace to you in Jesus Name, Amen.

My Prayer For You

Heavenly Father I bring this person reading this prayer now  & needing healing/deliverance, before your Court in Heaven where you’ve ratified through Christ’s shed blood, healing for Humanity upon them believing & receiving it by faith in Jesus Name. (Mk 11:24) Therefore I’m asking you on their behalf (Jms5:16) to intervene in their case to effect their total healing & deliverance in both their body & soul,  based on the shed blood of Jesus Christ, as seen in Heb 7:22-25; 8:6; 1Cor 11:23-26; 1Pet2:24 & 3John2; Isa43:26.

In Jesus Name I now come against all Trauma & it’s impact in both the soul & body of this person I’m interceding for, as rendered in Mat 10:1, 8, nullifying the traumas & cutting off entirely through Christ’s blood any generational blood line curses causing the infirmity. I command it all leave their body, along with all diversifications of post-traumatic stress, bipolar; schizophrenia; fibromyalgia; agoraphobia (panic attacks) now in Jesus Name, Amen.

I command all electric magnetic fields & hormones in you to return to normal healthy body function, aligned & balanced in your body overall now in Jesus Name, Amen.

I put all constant negative images & memories of past traumatic events, both in the soul & the body, through the blood of Christ now erasing all pain & memories associated with them in Jesus Name, Amen. No more crippling memories associated with the consequences of divorce; shame, humiliation; failure; physical abuse; rape; post-natal stress, post-traumatic stress, molestation; betrayal or any words, statements, curses spoken against or over you causing damage & great pain to you; the suffering of bankruptcy, loss or grief – That the pain & fear associated with the memories in both the body & soul all be totally erased now in Jesus Name through the blood of Christ, Amen. BE HEALED IN JESUS NAME – Healing Angels of Christ be loosed to heal, restore & enforce deliverance on behalf of the person I’m interceding for now in Jesus Name, Amen. Father in Heaven, Judge of All presiding over this request, rule in favour of Christ’s Blood & sanction their healing & deliverance now in Jesus Name, Amen. I believe they receive in Jesus Name, Amen. Thank You Father for your unfailing Love – All Glory to You Alone in Jesus Name, Amen.